Supertyphoon Meranti and the Forgotten Islands of Batanes

A thunderstorm in Manila is a headline, a flood in taft is news., a typhoon elsewhere is a national concern, but a supertyphoon in Batanes is gone with the wind issue… Our provincial hymn is always true “forlorn country though they say, orphans of the motherland…” But whether Manila would care or not, whether help will come or none, the stone houses of Batanes and its people molded by fierce weather thru the ages will stand strong and proud… Ivatans will bounce back in a matter of days. We are a nation on our own, we have always been…

After 3 days since the onslaught of the Supertyphoon, there was no initiative from the government,. C130 of the military is waiting for a rainbow, until a private aircraft finally decided to conduct an aerial assessment of the farthest island.