After sometime, I decided to add some personal introduction 🙂 . My name is Darwin. I was born and raised in a small island province in the northernmost part of the Philippines, it is were South China sea meets the Pacific Ocean. I stayed there until my 21st birthday then I moved in the city for my university degree, after graduating from my first degree, i enrolled in law school.

I value people, for me they are my greatest treasure, family relation is something sacred to me. I also believe that the hard challenges in life are not found outside, but rather inside us, thus the struggle towards peace and tranquility of the soul is more of an internal pursuit.

I wanted to become a priest or a monk when I was younger, and up to now, the desire is there, but I know God has a different plan. For now Im into human rights advocacy.


Read and Write, not my favorite, but here I am writing some on

this site. I don’t like to read, I’d rather sleep, but the good thing is, when
it’s worth reading I take the pain of reading it. I hate writing as I have a
bad penmanship, by the way I’m left handed, thank God I’m typing now, much

I am not a good writer; don’t know how to write a quality literary
work, thus these articles I write here may contain several flaws and other
mistakes, maybe, probably or even certainly you will encounter a lot of
grammatical errors, well forgive me in that case. I don’t write drafts, I write
everything as they poured out of my mind. When my thought or emotion is awaken
by some interesting event, and that feeling of excitement creating a rush of
thoughts, it is when I write these articles. I only write it once, no editing,
no proof reading, its like LIFE once written it is forever written, correct it
in some other way but you can never correct it at the same point where the
mistake took place.

Most of the articles here contain my personal experiences, belief,
ideology and how I perceive things. If portions of it are offensive to some,
that was never intentional.

For those who take time to pass by, thank you, I may not have
known you as you may have and will never come to know me, but through this
articles you will meet me in some other ways, understand my way of thinking and
how I perceive things.

These are my random thoughts, my random feelings made into


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Day! Any blogger who is acknowledged by Gator Woman (Walking with the Alligators), warrants my review. Having briefly perused a few of your posts, I welcome the opportunity to follow your blog and appreciate your worthy efforts. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you Gator Woman… You are likewise inspiring… In this less traveled road which we have decided to pursue, much challenges lies, and it is not easy… It is not financially rewarding, but it brightens the weary soul knowing in our own little ways we have made life a little safer or lighter to those suffering-and that is priceless.

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