Tragedy of the Kurds in Kobane

“Let everyone know that we will resist to our last drop of blood together with the Kurdish youth who have come [to us] from the four sides of Kurdistan. If necessary, we will repeat the example of Stalingrad… in Kobane.” – Polat Can, spokesperson for the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG)

Once more, another tragedy is about to unfold because of political expediency and hypocrisy. The Kurds are betrayed by the Coalition of the Unwilling. Be it remembered that it was the Kurdish fighters who halted the total occupation of Iraq and the unprecedented spread of ISIL held territory. Months after numerous countries promised to provide military aid, none was fulfilled so far. What is even heartbreaking is for Kerry (US) to say that Kobane’s fall is a tragedy, but saving it is not part of the strategy.

It was admitted that the ISIS will not be defeated without sending boots on the ground, yet, the most capable group able to defeat the ISIS are left to their ruin. Fighting with outdated weapons as against the well armed ISIS. Kurds are so far the most reliable armed group in that region, having no other desire but to live in peace at least in a land they can call their own. In Kobane, the Kurds for sure will think if they will survive the onslaught-will they ever trust the world again. After responding to the call to stop the advance of ISIS, they are left alone in their fight, the victory of which will benefit not only the Kurds but the whole world.

When the last Kurdish gun come into silence, be assured once more that the deafening sound of ISIL terrorism will once more reign in the region…

“In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”… –Martin Luther King Jr.


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