Political Will or Simply Stubborn?

President PNoy once again on National Television defending or justifying DAP.

13 of the 14 Supreme Court (SC) Justices who voted declared DAP unconstitutional.
Pnoy now tries to justify it citing that DAP is in accordance with the Revised Administrative Code of 1987, trying to suggest that SC erred in overlooking the said code. Well, The SC said 3 schemes under DAP is unconstitutional, meaning it is the highest law or the fundamental law of the land that was violated. Administrative Code of 1987 is not superior to the Constitution but rather Art. 7 of the New Civil Code states that in case of conflict between a law and the constitution, the latter shall govern. Constitution prohibits cross border transfer of funds, Pnoy said the Administrative code is silent, thus offering the idea that it is then allowed under the code. In this case I believe the author of the law considered the constitutional provision, whether the AC did not explicitly mention it, when the constitution said it is not allowed, the ambiguity of an inferior law does not validate what the constitution prohibits.

Pnoy is also insisting that DAP is justified, for the very reason that it benefited many target beneficiaries, and that the authors of DAP acted in good faith and did it out of good intentions. Following this argument of the President, then Asiong Salonga along with the other ala Robin Hood guys out there are justified in breaking the law after all they have good intentions of giving portions of their loots to the poor, or the people behind the numerous summary killings for their intention of getting rid the society of criminals and making our country minus 1 criminal safer. The president is now trying to set a dangerous precedent, that good faith/ good intentions alone render the constitution/laws nugatory.

There are no shortcuts in democracy, the reason why laws/rules are made are to serve as safeguards from arbitrary decisions regardless of the intentions, for who would say one is of good faith and one is not? Of course everyone will claim to be…

The President, now gave a threat, “wag na sanang hintaying pa ng SC na mag banggaang ang mga sangay ng gobyerno” as well as try to discredit the SC by saying minsan na silang nag labas ng maling desisyon, at maari pa rin maulit.

Several acts in the past were declared unconstitutional, congress respected it despite the fact that there are more than 300 brain in congress against 15 of SC, several Presidential acts declared unconstitutional before and they humbly accepted it. Now, Pnoy is waging war against the SC. We now have a super executive, who performed legislative powers, executive powers and now trying to discredit the Highest Tribunal. This is the straight path, truly in its literal sense, keep walking straight never mind everything, lakad lang kahit sino or ano man ang masagasaan.


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