Lenten Reflection 4

My heart rejoices knowing that I was saved through the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus, but my heart aches, knowing how You died for me, yet in many times I let You suffer again and again because of my repeated commission of sins. I refuse to heal Your wounds when everytime I commit sins, sins that separates me from Your grace. I was a slave of sin and You came to free me, but I was used to bear the shackles of sins, that often times I prefer to be a slave of sin rather than embrace the freedom You purchased with Your blood. I prefer to stay in that dark prison cell of sin rather than walk through the door which You opened and search the light that You have brought with You.

Lord, give me the strength, to follow You, even though it may mean carrying my own cross as well. For I rather die with You now and be crucified with You, if in the end i will see You in Your glory, than stay forever chained in that dark prison cell which the slaver sin has kept me for long…



photo taken from google


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