Lenten Reflection 3

And so Jesus went to John who was baptizing in the river of Jordan and asked John to baptize Him as well, John was reluctant for baptism is to wash away sin and how could he baptize the One who precedes him, One who has no sin, yet Jesus insisted…

Jesus opened His ministry with HUMILITY having John baptize Him who even personally declared that he is not worthy even to remove the sandals of the Messiah. Still Jesus, just like the other human beings who are plagued with sins received the water baptism of John. He descended into the water, as He descended from heaven to earth, and rose up from the water as he rose to his glory to be revealed for all men so that they may believe and be saved. Jesus never boasted before John, but humbly asked the lowly John to baptize Him…

In our lives pride and arrogance plague us. We refuse to believe or to receive the help of others not because we can do it on our own but because we are too proud of ourselves and cannot accept that at some point the person we think is lower than us is the very person now offering help to us…

Lord, forgive me, if in many times my pride blinded me, not to see to goodness in other people. Lord forgive me if when many times I looked down on some people thinking I am better and higher in stature than they are. Lord, forgive me, when in many times I was arrogant in not realizing that in everything, I need Your assistance. I trusted my personal capabilities neglecting the fact that if I humbly accept Your divine guidance all that I am doing will be a success. Lord help me to always, put humility before me, so that in everything I do, I will put it under your care, and humbly consider others counsel. Image

photo from this site: http://www.rc.net/wcc/readings/gregory-nazianzen-baptism-of-christ.htm


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