Lenten Reflection 1

In times of trials, disasters and great sufferings we often ask the question “where is God?”… but then in times of good times, the better question is, “where is God in our lives in times of good times?” we got too many excuses why we need not make this Holy week, indeed a week for the Lord, instead we go out for some fun activities, yet we never try to make excuses when we celebrate our birthday, anniversary etc., If we can set aside a day to celebrate our other occasions isn’t it good also to set aside these days and make them the holiest of all the days devoted to God, to remember, commemorate, meditate and contemplate on the sacrifices of our Lord for us, and how far have we tried in our Christian walk… We all are tired and stressed, needing relaxation… yet never forget that Jesus was exhausted too, yet with all His remaining strength, He walked up-hill and offered His life for all of us…He was tired and weak, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head….Image

photo taken from this site: http://hdw.eweb4.com/search/christian+cross/


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