A Letter…

Dear Dad,

Its been 8 years, years fly so quick, Gone were the years which I really miss, yet years that I enjoy reminiscing. I never thought I could or we could make it without you, but by the grace of God we did, and I know it was only your physical body that left but your spirit as you promised, kept on watching us.

How I wish you were here to see and share with all these things unfold as we have planned it, the joy could have been greater, I could only imagine it. Many of our dreams were no longer dream but became realities. We offer them as a tribute to you.

We were torn and broken, when that fateful day came, but with the grace of our Lord we are trying to put things back, by the way we celebrated Christmas 2013 and the New Year like the old days, I wish you were with us-physically.

Anyway, I do hope that your faith never failed you and by now you are with our Lord, say my regards to tata Manding and lolo Gorio and all our other relatives and friends who are there as well. By the way, have you ever seen St. Michael Archangel around there how does he really look like?

I really miss the long night and never ending stories. Keep watching us, and also keep praying for us, as we do the same for you.

Once again, thank you, I wasn’t able to thank you well 8 years ago, and im not really used in saying it but, I do love you dad with all my heart and life. And I really dont know how to thank you better, but allow me as my simple way of showing how much I am thankful and how much I have admired you, and so I promise you, that my life will always be a living testament of how good you were as a father. As your sidekick and apprentice for 19 years all that i’ve learned from you is what I am now, and I thank you, and I thank God for giving me a father like you. Thank you. 

In God’s grace…


3 thoughts on “A Letter…

  1. I wish I could say something to express my thoughts—that I could relate. But I admire the way you and your family handled this. I’m a very weak person when it comes to things like this. Aside from your deep faith in the Lord, how have you managed to overcome the obstacles?

    When I lost my paternal grandma, I had a late reaction. My grief came after several weeks since she passed away. It has always been that way with those I’ve lost in my life, including my beloved pets.

    • Aside from faith, it is the thought and desire to make things better as a tribute to them, and still to live life to its fullest for those who are still with me. It wasn’t easy all the way, but acceptance plays an important role also, we all have to leave this world its just a matter of time, some leave early some stay longer… We have to be strong Melisa, we have to… God bless

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