Waiting to set the Spirit Free

I grew up in a simple yet happy family and I have always cherished the beauty of life close to nature. Going outdoors, camping, fishing, getting few glasses of wine while the campfire burns and as friends sing country songs, gazing up in the sky with the milky way stretching wide, and constellations as if the sky is a big comics sheet, a cup of hot coffee as you sit watching the sun rise are just some of the past times that I was accustomed with. This is the life that really brings joy to me. It is the lifestyle that sets my spirit free. Understanding nature is knowing the essence of life.

Living in the city for seven straight years is quite hard, cars, trains, high rise buildings, asphalt road, aircon, fast food chains all seems beautiful and exciting at first but soon it will wear out your body and makes ones spirit restless. It is indeed very different in my hometown, when instead of high rise buildings are tall trees, instead of cars are horses and carabaos, I miss the winter cold and the cool sea breeze not the aircon, I miss my fishing rod, I miss my tent, I miss the taste of fresh fish, I miss my garden. I miss the country life.  Facebook, farmville, counter strike and candy crush cannot filll the void that is now present.

I knew I cannot always live the kind of life i’ve always wanted, for i have people depending on me, I need to live with the restless world that is dominating, I need to earn to support my family. I just hope I could still find some times and save some so that once in a while I could experience the life where I could set my spirit free. Money is always a major obstacle for one who needs to pay house rents and inflating tuition fee in law school-indeed freedom comes with high cost.

It is but a frustrating when before going to the city is quite hard, now visiting the country side is equally hard. I wanted to travel back to experience the country life, a life that is real wild, no boundaries, no artificial rules only laws of nature, a carefree life, no worries, just like what that old cartoon monkey would put it, its “Hakuna Matata”.

Before I could even reach half of my lifetime I have been looking forward to take an early retirement so that once again I could go and find the place where I could set my spirit free once again, and rest my restless heart into the care of nature. But, that’s for tomorrow, for the mean time I need to save some bucks to be able to have a quick trip this summer and make my snorkeling and trekking plan come true. I hope this time things will go as planned. Cant wait to have a taste of that freedom again, a life in the hands of nature.


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