Lamentation 2

News said San Miguel Company will start building hotels in Batanes to our surprise! 


Shall we compete with the kind of development that Boracay has achieved now or shall we preserve the simple modest identity of our province which for sure is more sustainable. I fear that as we allow such companies to enter our province, the fate of the aetas in Boracay might fell upon us as well. This people are not building such for good but for profit. Shall we allow the limited profit out of tourism be sacked once more by multinational companies? I fear that allowing such might just be the key that will open the door to the demise of the once frontier of culture and nature, the citadel might finally collapse. Let people experience Batanes as it is, let us not make it for what it is not. For we can always find a chaotic place outside, but we may never find such a pristine and quiet place to rest us our Batanes is. Such development is good for some, but surely not for all of us. We may earn so much, but forget not that what we have is priceless. We may accumulate so much only to find out that what we have sold is so much that the profit we got is far less. Judas thought it was profitable to sell the Master but found out at the end when all is lost that he committed a grave mistake. Anti development I may be, so be it. But lets save Batanes it is for its uniqueness that tickles the curiosity of strangers. It is for for what it is Before and so far now, that amazes and makes it a dream land for many…

San Miguel Company said they have acquired the necessary land to build their world class hotel. This company will not settle in a small parcel if we let them acquire one, I am certain it will creep like a cancer until they got everything! So have we marked the end of the last frontier? Have we handed the torch to the trail blazers? or did we, ivatans lit the fire to pave the trail for the outsiders. Shall we, as they, in the future build this concrete scar, start to write in our memoirs what used to be Batanes and what it used to be as Ivatan, so that at least in those immortal words the future generations of ivatans may at least cherish in their imaginations the land they never had the chance to inherit. If this will proceed, let us start saving so that we may have some funds to spend in our search in the future for a place to go and relax in the comfort and silence of mother nature, the same comfort we gave up…


N.B. picture not mine. taken from


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