Pictures and Memories

Oh, i forgot my digital camera, and worst i forgot to charge my phone!!!! Oh so unfortunate, I cannot take pictures of the beautiful sceneries. Ow how pretty is the sunrise, ow that bird is so beautiful. Looks great with the setting sun behind. The green forest so spectacular, oh so unfortunate, I cannot take photos, this are perfect facebook photos . Ow look at this flower my first time to see this kind it’s so pretty.

Wow, the day is wonderful, fair sky, ow I envy my friends they have a lot of pictures now. Wow, colourful butterflies, ooow wowow this pretty butterfly landed on my shoulder, wonderful!

Nice river, so cold, great swimming experience, but got no pictures. My friends haven’t swim yet still taking pictures.

Wow, nice sunset, the sun stood in its grandeur. Look, the ship looks wonderful from afar as it passes across the setting sun. Here comes the stars, wonderful, ow i remember, my dad told me that group there in the east side is the Big Dipper and there it is the smaller one. That big one is the Northern star. Wow and that one is the milky way wonderful, it looks like a horizon of stardust.

My friends are enjoying taking picture, I envy them, anyway, I will just enjoy the very place by myself without the picture taking.

Years, passed by and I could still remember every detail of that spectacular outing, but my friends could only remember it because of the pictures.

I guess by now it was a blessing in disguise I left my digital camera, for without it, I enjoyed the wonderful beauty of nature right in front of my eyes, I saw it first hand, I touch it, I felt it with all my senses, but my friends… they enjoyed it through the lenses of their smart phones.

Sometimes with our effort to document everything  either by still pictures or videos, we forget to enjoy it at the very moment, firsthand experience. One may never have a printed picture in his hands but he got the picture printed in his heart and mind, that wherever he goes he could clearly describe the experience.

Technology is for the purpose of extending human capabilities, but often times and what happen sometimes is that we let technology limit us instead of technology extending us. So next time, before taking any picture, enjoy first the moment, the place, the people, develop the picture in your hearts and minds and then later on in your digicam or smart phone.


One thought on “Pictures and Memories

  1. So true! I realized this later after visiting Ocean Park. It was my first time to use my new camera so I was excited.

    So now I remind myself that I cannot enjoy the place and event if I’ll take many photos. In the first place we came there to visit and see them, and enjoy the experience. The camera really makes us forget that experience retained in the memory is a lot better than the photos that robbed us much of our time to enjoy time spent with others and at the beautiful place.

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