Bonding time with mom

I grew up close to my parents, I could still remember when I first went to school every break time I would go home just to see my mom. It was convenient since our house is just less than a hundred meters from my school. My mom hoping to make me more independent would always pack a snack for me so I wont go home on break time, but still I would go home and eat my snack with her. As it appeared to be hopeless, she tried another one. She would give me money so I would buy my snack at school and eat it there, but then I would buy my snack but still go home to eat it. My purpose back then is just to see my mom and that comforts me. I wasn’t that vocal since then, but I just wanted to be beside her or my dad. I could just lay there without any word and that suffice, their presence is enough.

Up to my high school things remain the same. If I would go for vacation, the moment I step out of our door I would feel home sick, its all because I cannot imagine waking up with out seeing them.

After my dad, died, I moved in the city to study. That was the first time that I started to move a little farther from mom, physically. We seldom talk as well. It maybe because of the shock left by the sudden passing of my dad. Since college and until I graduated I seldom talked to her. We had few chit chats but not so much. She was busy with some work, I was busy with my studies. I started to work but still connection even grew weaker, gap became wider. Even though we stay in the same house, we seldom talk, although every morning she would prepare my breakfast before I go to work, sometimes she would pack my lunch. She would also prepare my day’s attire. When I enrolled in Law school, talk even became rare, and we seldom see each other, I arrive at home very late from school, and I leave early for work.

Today as I was traveling home, I decided to go shopping for our month long supply, after all my salary increased significantly. So I texted Mom and told her to meet me at the walter mart near our house.

As we shop we talked, shared stories. It was so wonderful, I felt so happy, for the first time I will be paying the groceries which mom used to pay, but most of all we had a wonderful talk. I felt I was like a kid again. A good salary is a great blessing but that wonderful talk was indeed a greater blessing!

I was like a deer that never saw a river for several months. The thirst, the longing of those lost moments was finally quenched. Thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful mom. I am determined to bring back the joy in our family. And I know that is what my father wanted too.


2 thoughts on “Bonding time with mom

    • You’re absolutely right Sir Eric, sometimes we drift away and get overwhelmed by some other things, but time comes when we realize that we are missing the very important things or people in our life. We focus so much on running after some one or something else, that we tend to let go of the people or things that are very important only we did not realize or recognize it. I am very thankful I realized such as early as it is.:)

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