Reply to our internet provider

Last week our internet provider wi-xxxx sent us an email message stating that for the coming months they will regulate our connection by slowing it down. They said we are over using our internet connection to the point that we are causing the entire network to slowdown affecting other subscribers.


To our owe and dissatisfaction i sent this reply:


We received your email informing us that you will regulate our internet connection for the mean time on the grounds that we are over using the connection to the point that we are causing the slowdown of the network affecting other subscribers.

To start with, we are indeed lost in the content of your letter. We do not know how come we have been over using our connection to the detriment of other subscribers. Kindly enlighten us, what is your measure when you said we are over using our internet connection.

As we move further on this matter let us try to recollect from the time we finally subscribed to your services. First your agents came on us and try to convince us to subscribe to your services. Indeed your agents were good sales person. They described your services probably in the best package they can describe it and certainly a description that we try to believe and hoped to be true. We hoped and tried to believe that their description of your service would indeed translate to a genuine service, but apparently after 3 years of subscribing to your services it is far from the substantial transformation of those sales talks to actual service.

We remember as well, that you offered us at 999 pesos you will provide us a 1 mbps internet connection, of which such connection we are entitled to unlimited surfing or internet use, without any qualification in relation to the word unlimited. There was no mention of don’ts. What we in good faith believed is that as long as it is not against the law, we can use the connection in the manner it is intended for – surfing the net. You did not mention that we can only surf up to a maximum of certain hours per day, or we can only log in to facebook or email. Well I guess if you say so from the beginning it will be in total contradiction with your unlimited surfing propaganda. Now then, kindly tell us, is there any other definition of unlimited surfing that we ought to know? Have we construed the word “unlimited internet surfing” so differently as regards your interpretation or of any sane and prudent man, so that you will now accuse us that we have over used our connection to the prejudice of other subscribers.

Now kindly tell us, how are you going to reconcile the word “unlimited” with the word “over use”? Is it possible to over use one that is unlimited? Logic simply defies your accusations now in relation to your sales advertisements.

On the contrary let us bring to your attention once again the unlimited head ache we had in our subscription to your services. Your services indeed is overwhelmed by unlimited limitations or unlimited incompetent service.

First, you promised to deliver a 1 mbps internet connection, but such was the fact only during the trial period, after we have regularized the connection, the 1 mbps is nowhere to the reached. Speed checker revealed that the connection is less than 1 mbps all the time. It could hardly run facebook properly especially when checking pictures, and more so it could hardly play youtube videos, you will just give up with the unlimited buffering. You need to wait for almost an hour to let it download before you can play a few minutes youtube video. We kept complaining, but the best solution you can advice is to restart the router.

Second, you enticed us to avail what to said as promo, that if we pay 3 months in advance, you will deduct 100+ to our monthly bill. Unfortunately it turned out the other way. The amount you claimed to be the discount instead of deducting it to our monthly bill was added to our monthly bill, that we need to go to your office every time just to correct your mathematical mistake. What is even more infuriating is that every month you would disconnect us stating that we have unpaid bills, where in fact it was paid already in advance as part of what you said to be a promo scheme, which is no less than a promo scam. And again everytime we complain your reason is that our account was not yet updated, that you will not correct your mistake untill such time we come to your office to personally complain. For more or less a week we would suffer your premature disconnection of our internet on a false premise.

Finally there was no complete month where in we had a good connection. Remember what you have promised to deliver is 1 mbps internet connection, not 0.9, not 0.8 not 0.7, it may seem a minimal differece but that small difference in mbps means a thousan mile distance in the internet world.

Equity dictates, that what you promise to deliver in exchange for a reasonble consideration, compliance of one party imposes upon you the bounden duty and obligation to deliver the promised service and maintain it for as long as our subscription exists. Apparently, you were never willing to comply. Now, we are led to believe that this act of yours now, is but a mere veil to cover the inefficiency of your service. That instead of acknowledging your technical difficulties, you are trying to find an escape by diverting the blame to us-your subscriber. Unfortunately, your reason now holds no water, neither it appeals to sound reason or atleast to common sense.

If your resolve is to regulate our connection on ground we will never understand and we will never consider reasonable, our solution is simple- this might be finally the signal that we must end the unlimited head ache we had due to our subscription to your service. You need not regulate our connection, if we are but causing prejudice to other subscriber, why not resolve to disconnect us once and for all, but apparently you will not do that because mney is money, but should you resolve to proceed with your unjustified measure we will resolve to severe our connection with you.


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