Biblical animals

The idea that we are superior to all other animals, lead us to act inhumanely to others. But as I contemplate on the Bible, I found out that there are several instances where these animals are mentioned, some of which played important role.

There were the animals of Noah whom God instructed him to load in the ark for them to be saved from the great flood. This shows how God value animals as much as He value men. It was a dove that Noah sent to check if the land is already dry. After God tested the faith of Abraham, he gave a sheep to be offered in place of Isaac. There was the great whale that swallowed Jonah and took him to where the Lord wanted Jonah to go.

When the Israelites turned to false god in the desert, God sent thousands of poison snake, many died, but God instructed Moses to make an icon of snake that whoever was beaten and will look into the icon will be healed. The cane of Moses also in a show of God’s power to the Pharaoh turned into a cobra when Moses tossed it. In the dessert also God sent quails so that the Israelites will not starve.

In the New Testament, Jesus rode on a calf in his entry to Jerusalem. Jesus is his parable even mentioned that it would be easier for a Camel to enter heaven than for a rich man to enter a needle’s eye.

It was a roaster that reminded Peter that for the third time he denied Jesus.

In modern times, St. Francis of Assisi is known for his great compassion for animals treating them as his brothers and sisters equal alike. St. Dominic and the Dominicans are known for bringing dogs in their missions. Monks of the St. Bernard Hospice were known to be the originator of the St. Bernard Breed. St. Martin De Porres was known to have made a pact with the rodents of his monastery, to stop destroying things, instead he will regularly provide them food, a pact that was complied with.

The fish is also a well known early Christian symbol.

This are just a few examples of the animals mentioned with importance in the Bible. Animals are but considered even by early Christians as important lifeform that must be respected as well.

They are not minor life that we can trample on, but important creatures alike that play important roles in the completion of creation and in the continuing revelation of God’s plan for humanity.


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