The Correspondence

To my friend in ZOOLAND,

I was once a mighty bird.

Other feathered birds fear me once I soar to the great skies.

Up in the sky I could see the earth down below. I cross nations, I know no border. I fly over the great mountains, the great Everest? With a few flip of my wide and mighty wings, I am above that great grandeur which is but a rare opportunity to our brother humans.

Under the sea is not off limits either to me, for with the great super-sonic dive I could reach deep under the sea to catch a fish for my meal. I was called the king of the skies, so with my other kin, they are of the royal class of feathered animals. We have our vision ahead of us, a rare quality.

Some of my brothers forged alliance even to humans. Some left the wild to be in companion with falconers. My brothers were employed by some humans, using their long range vision, they could spot preys down below, and with their aid, hunting is made easier. I oppose such alliance, however, I will not deny that most if not all of those who forged alliances were treated well. They take them regularly for flight exercise so as not to destroy the strength of their wings. They also stay in big safe places. But the story isn’t always the same.

Unfortunately, my fate and so with the others was not as great as some of the success stories. Food is becoming scarce, our wives have a hard time to locate a good nesting place. The chemicals that reach even up to the great skies also are impairing our physical health. Making life a matter of survival.

But by the blessing of the Lord that sustains, me and my family was able to survive, but the tragedy came one day. I was training my young to fly, when a loud bang rang the forest, I felt pain on my left wing, I could not flap my wings, I was going down fast. I knew something is wrong. I asked my wife and our son to leave the place quick, and find safe grounds, my son insists to grab me hoping he could lift me up, but I am too heavy, I begged him to leave and never look back. I told him that he is the prince of the sky, no place for fear. I showed him how brave his father was but, the truth is, deep inside I was starting to break.

I fell hard on the ground, I was taken to the market, I was sold, and that is what brought me into this cage.

I heard how these humans value due process, equity, and justice. But it is my constant question, why I was shot, without any warning, I was not appraised of my rights, more so I was not informed of what charge is brought against me and upon what judgment I am being jailed. I am hoping that someday I will be accorded with my day in court, and that due process will be accorded on me.

I long to flap my wings, I long to see the great mountains, to dive into the sea, but most of all, I long to see my family. Where are they now, two winters passed since I was in this cage. I wonder how big is my son now. What about my wife?

I heard that there are others like me who are also in prison. I hope that someday justice will no longer be denied upon us, but will be seen as one that is universal, one that has no boundary and one that belongs not only to one species of life but to all.

Justice is not exclusive to one, but it is a gift for all. Only then, we may gain back our freedom.

I hope to hear your story as well, king of the Jungle, oh your highness, the Lion King.

Course your letter to my friend Mr. Pigeon, who by the blessing of the Almighty is free, and was able to snick every now and then to take and deliver my letters for free.

Best regards,

H.R.H. Eagle

King of the Skies

P.S. I am planning to send an appeal to the great leader of the humans. What do you think?


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