Cycle of Life

Once in the corner of a park there stood a variety of plants, some of which are flowering plants.  But of all the plants there was a striking difference between a two flowers. One was a beautiful rose and the other is an unknown odd-looking flowering plant. The latter was a weird and smelly (strong but not pleasant) flower. Every one who pass by the area would never fail to give their good comments to the rose. Pleasant comments were directed to the beautiful rose, while the other flower on the contrary was often neglected if not cursed or discriminated. So much discrimination that it has lost all its confidence, hope is but lost for that poor flower.

One day a lady was standing a few meters away, then came a man, picked the rose and gave it to the lady. The guy said “a beautiful lady deserves a beautiful flower”. The rose was very proud as the beautiful lady took the flower. The other flower was so envious, to the point that she was asking if what’s the point of having been created if none would appreciate it.

The lady and the man left and because of that flower, which the man gave to the lady, sprouted a love. They end up marrying and from that marriage a boy was born.

After several years the boy grew old, he became a famous scientist. He went back to the place where his parents once met. There he chanced upon various plants that caught his attention, He saw that the roses have not bloom due to some aphid insect infestation, while the other plant was healthy and blooming well. He was curious why two plants in one place but the other plant was not being attached by the aphid insects. He took some parts of the odd plant, parts of the flowers and some leaves and went to study it in his laboratory. He found out some significant chemicals in it, he made some solutions out of the extract and went to apply it on the rose plants, and few hours the aphid insects have left the rose plants. The man discovered the potential of that plant to be a source of natural insecticide and some insect repellant ointment. The odd plant was very happy. Finally he felt that he does have importance and worth. The rose plant in few days after having been treated started to bloom. Humbly and shy rose plant thanked the odd plant for providing the cure to the insect infestation that plugged the rose. The odd plant replied, that he should thank rose too, because if not for its beautiful flower the man and the woman several years ago would not have become couples and gave birth to an intelligent scientist who discovered the true value of the odd plant.

In our lives we often judge people as we see them, not knowing that in the next turn of tide that person will be our help. We may seem to neglect the other people in the other side of the country we live in but we just don’t know that those people we care less are engaged in some important endeavor that unconsciously we are benefiting. The world is round, we are but intertwined in an invisible web were in we share and benefit from each other in order to survive, no need to hate, no need to envy, but we only have to value our self and respect other people.


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