GREED; a virus that consumes humanity

The world is indeed blest with natural wealth. Wealth present above, within and beneath the earth. Wealth and treasures that were created along with the verdict that men have to sojourn the earth. We fail to prove that we are worthy to live in paradise, yet God decided to create a paradise for us by making the earth bountiful.

With all these natural resources, humanity could have lived in a paradise. The process of creation did not end in Genesis but is a continuing process evolving and developing along with humanity. God has made great plans for men, a plan that man part takes with the perfection of creation. Thus, HE gave men the gift of free will, perfecting the very nature of a human being to rationalize on his own, absent from any other form of being.

But as men evolve, as he gain more training and intelligence, becoming more familiar with this world, the sense of human community shifted to sense of individuality, thus, our earthly paradise little by little is transformed.

Nature spliced the great pangea, but man instead of building bridges started to build walls. The once common land became private land. Men tried to appropriate everything, if possible for his own good at the exclusion of others. Higher and higher the walls of division are built.

The earth’s wealth has become a bloody prize for the bounty hunters. Some wanted to dominate the world resources. As one theorist put it saying “he who controls the world resources controls the world” and so the race started. Bloody competition erupted. The once united community of human beings is now divided, all because of the desire to get more and more of the earth’s wealth. Common enjoyment/benefit is not an option. They said, the resources is rare, thus the desire by few to control and dominate. Isn’t more reasonable to equally share from its benefit if it is rare or scarce?

The earth’s treasures, God’s blessings, have turned out to be the flashpoints in the history of mankind. The war to control the oil wells of Middle East, Eurasia and the Balkan region has fuelled wars since then. The diamonds of Africa has caused the sprinkle of innocent bloods; Diamonds that have been utilized to fund atrocities and bloody wars, instead of using the proceeds to feed hungry people. The golds of Latin America particularly in Colombia have sparked civil unrest. The melting of the Arctic region instead of waking up world leaders on the stark situation of the environment, they instead thought of how to get the most benefit as the icecaps withdrew, making relations among the claiming nations grow cold. In South China Sea, the struggle to dominate the historic maritime lane is on the verge of igniting World War III, all because of the desire to appropriate the most of it at the exclusion of others, even if such claim is so absurd that it defies logic and simple reason.

God has blest humanity, but the greed of men is such a curse of his (man) own making that it destroys the natural course of creation. Creation that is perfect when men mutually aid each other. God could have imposed His will on us, but nevertheless decided to make us, almost equal to him by virtue of free will. Free will when used properly, thinking of common good, and with the aid of the world’s resources could have freed us from all the known sufferings of the earth, making it few step behind in comparison with the real paradise. Yet many human being choose otherwise.


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