Appeal of the Animal Kingdom

To the two legged animals known as homo sapiens, aka humans, aka man, known and recognized in the universe as stewards of the Earth and of other life-forms.

To our lords and masters:

The united council of the Realm of Animals would like to request from the Council of Humanity with utmost urgency, that in the spirit of mutual respect and for the sake of peaceful co-existence thus we deem it proper to bring the following concerns to the attention of all men.

Whereas, since time immemorial various forms of discriminations were directed against animals. We thank and acknowledge the fact that many nations have now adopted laws penalizing abuses against animals.

Whereas, while we are now protected from physical abuse, we deem it proper that verbal abuse must as well be eradicated,

For instance, when humans are mad they use names of animals to curse their fellow man.

To cite a few:

Humans would say you’re as filthy as a pig. That’s really discriminating, well clean your pigs every day and they won’t be filthy. Or sometimes man will call a fat man as “piggy” or “porky” it should have been great but we found out that it is neither a complement. Why? Should pigs be sexy or slim? Your farm owners will be in trouble in that case.

Another worst example, you would curse a human by saying, you son of a bitch. Well, at first our lady dogs thought it was a complement but turns out to be once again a negative connotation. Is it the animal world’s fault that dogs do not maintain long term relationship or vow under the oath of marriage? Dogs do it for the purpose of pro creation and not for fun or business. And be mindful that these bitches (dog) are responsible parents. They never attempt to abort their offspring nor would they abandon them especially when they still cannot self support.

Or if humans think someone is ugly, they would call that person “horsey” or would tease him saying he looks like a horse, aren’t horses handsome, that they are the choice of your mighty kings and brave knights, aren’t they?

Or humans even use animal names to describe some diseases such as “elephantiasis”. I guess such sickness has nothing to do with elephants. Would you want elephants to have small feet? They won’t walk in that case.

Or the association of snake with satan. Snakes are even created by our dear God. They have nothing, even minimal connection with the devil.

Or when you describe someone who moves slow, you use the word snail or someone foul smelling you describe it as like a skunk or porcupine.

These are just the few discriminating words associated with the members of the Animal Kingdom, while we acknowledge the positive use of some animal attribute such as eagle’s eye to describe sharp vision, or tiger’s look for some strong facial expression among others.

This we pray among others for human being to rectify, if peaceful co-existence is to be pursued.


3 thoughts on “Appeal of the Animal Kingdom

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