Gold Rush

Philippines by nature is rich. We are blessed with various minerals. One of which is gold.

Unregulated mines are operated in several areas, such as in the Mountain Province and in Paracale. Through these mines daily food for many mining families is secured. Since the time when gold was discovered in these areas hundred kilograms of gold has been extracted, and is now circulating all over the world most of which are made into expensive jewelries.

Many miners engage in such dangerous endeavor to earn a few hundred pesos, often times less than 200 pesos in a day of dangerous engagement in the dark mining tunnels. Some spent more than 8 hours submerged in a pit of muddy water, some of which are as deep as 50 meters with only goggles and a hose attached to a compressor for breathing as equipment. It is a work which is a matter of life, done just to earn something to buy food, and some other needs.

A few made fortune out of these mining activity. Each miner earns roughly 200 pesos per day, the middleman would earn thousands, and then the international traders would earn millions.

Almost every year several miners die in an accident. In one accident at least 50 died. Dozens of families in the mining areas have lost a father, a son, or a brother. These dirty dozens do the dirty and hard work at the expense of their lives but earn very minimal not even enough to buy a decent food for the worker and his family. The middleman had made good fortune. While the international traders were able to establish their empire.

This is the lonely story of many miners in those areas, they found one of the highly priced metal, but none of them have made a fortune out of it, some even met their misfortune in those mine pits. They have to do it, for a few kilogram of rice.


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