Fishing Lesson with Grandpa


I grew up in a small island province in the Philippines. It is where the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean shake hands. Thus, fishing is an integral part of every man’s life in the island. Our lives’ are closely intertwined with the ocean.

I was the youngest in 7 siblings. Being the youngest, I grew up with my parents a little bit over protective on me, and even my older siblings. When my grandpa or my dad would sail to the seas, sometimes my 2 elder brothers would join them. And so with all the other guys in town knew almost everything about the sea, while me, I’ve only seen the port. I don’t even know how to swim back then. My dad told me then when I get to high school only then I could join them in them to fish in the deep seas.

I waited so long until Im old enough to join them. At first my dad was very hesitant, but my freehearted Grandpa took me with him. I was very happy, its going to be the two of us out in the deep blue sea.

I never had any fishing experience so I was so excited; I prepared my fishing gears then dropped my hook and line. After almost an hour, our score is 10-0, of course zero for the newbie. I started to get bored, and I even asked my grandpa to take me off at the port and will go home ahead. But he said I just have to wait, be patient and will soon have my big catch. Then suddenly, a strong force pulled my line. My heart bit is on the race, I had an adrenaline rush, excitement, pushed my instinct to haul the line back as fast as I could, force against force. I waited for this all my life, and by all means with all my strength I have to haul this fish fast. Then suddenly, the line snapped. My excitement fell. Ok, I dropped my line again, not so long when another strong force pulled my line, probably bigger than the first. Grandpa now told me to be patient. He told me I have to release some of the line when the fish pulls hard, then when it softens I have to haul it as fast as I could. So its like let got, haul, let go haul, until the fish strength is worn out. I did as I was told but, impatience is driving me back to wrestle the fish strength. Then after quite a time of haul-release-haul game, I started to see the fish it a big red fish, don’t know what kind of fish but a big red fish, then upon seeing the fish I got excited, cant wait for this release-haul game, so with all my strength, I pulled back the line wrestling the fish’ strength, then before I could take a hold of the fish it snapped again. Grandpa, was a little bit frustrated seeing the fish go away, but he just grin at me and said, “a fisherman needs to be patient”. You have to be sensitive with everything. How the current flows, how the wind blows, and when you caught a fish, be patient. At least you know there is something on the other end. Don’t rush up things or you end up with nothing.” Fishing is all about waiting and waiting… Your line can only hold so much weight, thus compensate it with patience. Your patience will make your line flexible and stronger. Never try to overpower the fish, remember you are at his territory, so outsmart the fish by wearing out its strength.

While he was giving his lecture, again a fish took my line. I tried to be patient and did as I was told, and voila! I had my first Tuna… That day I learned the art of fishing and the virtue of Patience. 


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