I want peace, but respect my rights as well

In the midst of the bullying of some military powerful country on my country, we, Filipinos often debate, should we just give in to the bullying or should we, as we try to solve the problem under the rule base principle or simply putting the resolution of all this territorial dispute under the rule of law, but at the same time stand firm on what we believe is our just right under International law. Some chose to bow down to the bullying, but i strongly oppose such. We seek peace but we should never give in to their unlawful acts.

Which then, is more important Peace or (ones) Rights? I think both are equally important. none is lesser than the other. For what is the use of your right if there is no peace, but there can never be genuine peace if your rights are not respected… the only slight difference for me is that, you can have a hold of your dignity even when there is no peace, but you absolutely do not have dignity when your rights does not exist or are not recognized and respected.


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