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I posted this thought on my facebook timeline and I was a bit amazed how some people reacted on it… Its quite interesting that I wish to share our conversation here also.


“Although there may be unwanted pregnancy, I personally believe that there is no such as unwanted child, for every child is a gift from God, and so a gift we must welcome into this world with all the goodness humanity can offer.”

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PERSON 1: What about children born from INCEST? Or from RAPE?
What about children born with congenital diseases and defects?

ME:  The answer is in my post brother….

PERSON 1: Circular reasoning, eh?

ME: not necessarily reasoning but simply compassion… but of course we have a different vision I guess…but if you read it, and try to comprehend a bit of it, you will know my reason.

ME: I just dont understand how a child can be unwanted…

ME: Experience wise, some of our pets give birth to offspring with defects… First thing in mind? Kill? No sometimes we even try to make things better for it, even we spend more… but for human offspring, we do have second thought if he must live or die? Hmp….the humanity of human…

PERSON 2: I’m sorry to butt in on this post. (since it came up on my wall)
are you saying that a young little girl that got beaten, raped and ended up being pregnant is a gift from your God? Will you tell the parents of this little girl. That she got raped because it was gift from your God?

ME: Let me ask you? is a rape or beating synonymous with a child?

ME: brother, you can read the post again, try to ponder on it, open your mind, look 360 degrees, imagine more, add little comprehension and then more of love and compassion and you may see a little light in my post. if not, leave it that way, for hope is but lost…

PERSON 2: I’m only following your line of reasoning. You said “every child is a gift from God” Do women who got pregnant from rape should be considered a gift from God? I’ll make it clear: Is the child conceived from rape a gift from God?

ME: No you are not following my reason…That is because you think exclusive… I am referring to humanity, in the whole, it may not be a gift for you but it may be a blessing to others. Just like any one of us, some people might have wish we were never born, but to our parents we are the best they can have, or some parents despise their children but to others they are most loved. How you came into this world is another thing to deal with, how humanity will raise and treat you is another thing…How well you will live, is a thing to look into, but regardless of how you are conceived, it does not define how well you will live your life… It may be horrible, the way the child was conceived, but he may be just what the world is waiting to perform something very important more than what those people who wanted that child dead can do…

PERSON 3:  @Patrick, yes, the child is still a gift from God. It may have been created under terrible circumstances, but the child is innocent and does not share in wins of its father.
That having been said, it is worthwhile to consider that the comfort and love that a child provides can be one of the greatest tools of healing of an abused mother. It is really ironic that there are many cases of mothers choosing to have their babies, even when borne out of abuse, and ending up healing from the experience more effectively. On the other hand, an astounding 98% of abortions are done out of convenience. Only about 2% of all abortions are done because of 1) rape, 2) incest, or 3) ectopic pregnancies.

What Darwin meant is that in the most basic sense, no child is truly unwanted, and in many ways, even at the worst of times, they are blessings we should always cherish.

ME: I do not look into the immediate tragedy, but I look into the future with hope, that something great may still come out despite the odds… but of course if you stagnate your self and compound on the very evil of the moment, you will never hope or will never have the chance to see the light that is to come.

PERSON 3 @Carl, so what you are telling me is that children who have handicaps do not have the right to live? Just because they are not “perfect” does not take away from their humanity. If you really think about it, none of us are.

PERSON 3: @Patrick *does not share in the sins of its father


2 thoughts on “Facebook Conversation

  1. It’s a very subtle topic. You and the other fellows have great points, but I agree more with you. It’s a very difficult truth to accept, but if we’ll see things in a greater perspective, there’s a profound insight behind it.

    Keep on writing, even if you’re left-handed! 🙂

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