Build a Home, not Just a House

A house is not a home
A house is useless with out the home,
But a home still remains meaningful even with out a house.

A house is made of material things but a home is built on love and other virtues,

A happy home makes a house a mansion,
But a mansion is deduced to a shanty if the home is not in peace.

A home defines the beauty of a house,
A house is beautiful on the outside, but it is the home that giveth its life and beauty in the inside

When the material components of the house collapse the whole building goes down with it, but a home built on virtues even if the material components collapse, still it stands firm as the virtues stands strong.

When a house collapse its easier to rebuilt, but once a home is broken its harder to revive, unless only through love.

The house is the body but the home is the souls…

A beautiful house will soon be forgotten, but never the tale of a happy home…

You may find a lot of beautiful and comfortable houses, but not a home.

You may find other home, may live with them like you were part of it, but still the old words hold true today, that there will never be any other place like your own


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