Where do dogs go when they die?


(Shitsu/Pug Cross)

April – August 14, 2010

Gucci is a happy and playful male puppy, a cross of shitsu and pug. We bought him from our neighbor in Laguna at the age of two months. At his early month, he loves to sleep and eat. As he grew older he became more playful. Gucci loves to run after me, play and chase balls, stuff toys and he loves to travel. I converted an old bird cage for his house which he loved somuch. He sleeps on it every night.

Gucci was with us for more or less two months. During thosedays and moments he brought joy in our family. Indeed he lightened our livesthrough his playful acts and charming face.

It’s so sad that his dear life ended too early. He was struck by a serious disease. We brought him back to Makati (from Laguna) hoping that we couldbring him to a better veterinary clinic. We brought him to a clinic thismorning (Aug. 14) where he was admitted for confinement but after 6 hours theclinic called us and told us about the sad news, Gucci gave up. The disease took his life so quickly that in the span of 2 ½ days his body gave up.

Though he was sick already there was still glimmer in his eyes, yet you could see he was seriously suffering. When my Mom arrived with Gucci in Makati this morning, as soon as we put him down,he walked around the house. Maybe he was reminiscing those moments when he usedto play in that place. Maybe he was thinking he used to live there before hewas brought again to Laguna. Afterwards we placed him on a box, while we were checking where we can find a good clinic. As we all sat there, I saw him staring at us one at a time, as if indeed he was looking at us for one lasttime, staring at the faces of the people whom he was with for the last two month.

In a moment, I felt the urge to say a prayer for Gucci. I prayed over him seriously, I asked St. Francis, the patron Saint of animals, to intercede for Gucci and bless him. And then I asked Jesus, to heal Gucci ifpossible, or at least relieve him from suffering and pain. I begged if God could give him more life and live according to HIS holy will. As I was prayingfor him, he (Gucci) was sitting in front of me as if he understood what I was saying. After praying, I made the sign of the cross in his forehead. He maybe an animal but I knew God won’t be mad at me if I administer Gucci prayers similar to that of the Anointing of the Sick   after all Gucci was from God, maybe animal but a pure being, free from sin and any form of damnation.

We then brought him to a pet clinic where he was admitted for confinement. The whole time that we were on the clinic, Gucci kept his eyes fixed on us. And when we left, his eyes were still on us. There is this pain inmy heart as we left him, but there is no choice we cannot stay with him on the clinic, thought we were told we can visit him any time.  I finally notice that there was sadness in his eyes, maybe he knew his time is about to come. Maybe he wanted to say goodbye. Maybe he wanted us to stay beside him. As we left him in the clinic, I was hopeful that he will be better, though the doctor told us that there is no100% guarantee. I still believed that tomorrow or in few days he’ll be back home, well and good again. But sadly, things didn’t go the way I expected it.After six hours, the doctor called my sister telling us what had become ofGucci. I felt so sad, I am already here in Laguna, (and I can’t just go homenow), I didn’t see Gucci for one last time. Maybe its better this way, I couldcry secretly. If I saw him dead I will surely cry even harder.

How I wish Gucci had more time to live. I hope we had more time to play. I hope I had the chance to see him grow bigger and older. I was thinking, where do dogs go when they die (being man’s best friend)? I do believe that all life forms have soul only in different ways. If there’s heaven for dogs, I knew Gucci would make for a very good dog angel. Or if we have the same heaven (humans and dogs), I hope my dad would find him, so he would takecare of Gucci in heaven, so that one day when all of us will be there in heaven, still Gucci will be there for us. There we would stroll in those beautiful mountains and meadows, play timelessly, and Gucci will be with us for all eternity.

It hurts me so much, knowing that there’s no good play whereI can bury your poor body, where I could go and visit you from time to time inthis world.


Your friend brother,



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