The Gospel; Sunday 26 September 2010

Today’s Gospel by St. Luke: lazarus and the rich man

the richman is eating in his table, there’s the dog under the table, anything that goes under the table is for the dog, lazarus was there too begging for food.


today, in our country there are some privileged people who can feast well, at the site of many people suffering, taking no actions to help the poor and underprivileged. also there are so many who are working under the table ready to grab anything that falls under the table, not thinking that if everything is well accounted for and shared equally it will benefit several lives.  while many filipinos are like Lazarus contiuously deprived and suffering because of several acts of commision and ommision by people in authority.

The story of lazarus, the richman and the dog is still alive and will keep on existing in our society unless something is being done…


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