Dear Dad (D.D.D JULY 1, 1955 – JANUARY 20, 2006)

I missed the times when you were still here beside us.

I missed those moments when we just sit somewhere, chatting or sharing those never ending stories,

we never get bored of those stories even though we talked about it several times already. I think it was more of the companionship, its about the presence not just the stories.

I miss calling your name,

I miss you, calling my name…

I envy those people who are there sitting beside their dad,

I envy those who still have that precious moment of bonding with their dad.

Thank you for all the love,

Thank you for raising me up in the best way you can

Thank you shaping my life, leading me towards the right path.

And most of all, thank you for being my dad

Lately, I may not have been that vocally expressive,

You may never have heard me saying, ” i love you dad”, but God knows, I do love you, and I always had…

I am so proud of you, and you will always be my hero and  my inspiration,

If i have that heart and will like yours, i know I would be doing well…

My prayers, that at this time you are with the heavenly father, I hope you’re there in that paradise which you

you love to tell me when i was still a little boy…

Thank you for being a very good dad, I will never let you down… Until we meet again…


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